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Your soul is longing for connection

Each of us has a soul that was endowed when we were born. This soul of ours knows our true self and our abilities and gifts. Somehow, life takes us away from the soulful connection, and to regain it takes dedicated effort.

In the book Faith–A Wisdom Poem Sharing Spiritual Connection, we are guided to reconnect with Spirit through reconnection with our souls. The reconnection takes focus and awareness. Here is an excerpt from Faith about reconnecting with the soul:

Faith–A Wisdom Poem Sharing Spiritual Connection provides a path to soul reconnection and connection with Spirit. It is available here: 

The color of your soul

Each person has individualized likes and dislikes, personality traits, reactions, and habits. These individualized self-definitions are influenced by genetics, family influence, societal influence, and the times in which the person lives. Beyond these influences is the influence of the soul.

When a person is born, he or she is the recipient of a soul and this soul brings color—soul-color! The color of the soul is the starting point for a person’s individual character and personality.

What Are the Personality Characteristics of the Soul?

According to Awaiting Light—Understanding the Development of the Soul, soul-color is a combination of four attributes: shade, hue, contrast, and coloration. Each of these attributes determines a part of a person’s personality, likes, dislikes, temperament, and family connections. When a baby receives the soul, all these attributes are given, and they are the person’s direction for life. As the baby grows, and depending on outside influences, the soul-color shines or is smudged.

What Is the Soul-Color Attribute Hue?

Hue is the attribute that sets attractions—attractions to certain activities, colors, shapes, knowledge, sounds, scents, textures, foods, etc.

“From the moment a person is born, distinct preferences are evident. A baby reacts to various stimuli in positive or negative ways, but adults are unaware that issues other than hunger, wetness, or discomfort are at play. As the baby ages and is able to communicate through movements and sounds, adults slowly grasp the interests and triggers that pull or repel the infant.” from the chapter “Soul-Color Attributes” in Awaiting Light.

>> Knowing which interests are innately fixed is a step towards knowing your soul-color attribute hue.

What Is the Soul-Color Attribute Contrast?

Contrast is the attribute that sets opposite-sided emotional reactions. Examples are joy-sorrow, warmth-indifference, and excitement-insensitivity. Contrast determines the passion that is felt as life is experienced and the conviction that is felt when opinions and thoughts are formulated. Some people feel their emotions in a large way, some feel their emotions in a reserved way, and some feel their emotions differently depending on circumstances. All of these ways are normal and are soul-endowed.

>> Recognizing depth of emotion innately felt is a step towards knowing your soul-color attribute contrast.

What Is the Soul-Color Attribute Shade?

Shade is the attribute that affects pace, temperature tolerance, circadian calibration (natural affinity for certain times in a day), and acceptance of boundaries. Pace determines the speed at which a person naturally lives, ranging from living without rush to living at an exuberant speed. Temperature tolerance is the coolness-warmth range that is determined by the location to which a person is born. Circadian calibration determines the time of day that is most comfortable to a person. Acceptance of boundaries refers to a person’s natural moral compass of knowing right and wrong.

>> Sensing your natural rhythm of movement, temperature, day or nighttime preference, and sense of right and wrong is a step towards knowing your soul-color attribute shade.

What Is the Soul-Color Attribute Coloration?

Coloration is the attribute that determines the soul-groupings for souls of similar colors. Coloration provides the possibility of group connections. It causes the feeling that you’ve known some people forever, when you’ve just met them.

>> Coloration is a group attribute. Being able to recognize group traits in your family and friends is a step towards knowing your soul-color attribute coloration.


Each soul is combination of soul-color attributes that are spiritually linked to one another. Each soul is unique, like a person’s fingerprints.

The more you can know and understand yourself, the more you can see your soul’s color and the more authentically you can live.

Awaiting Light—Understanding the Development of the Soul can be purchased on amazon.com. Click the book cover to order this book: 

Soul Workshop

Soul note

Tomorrow I will be presenting the “Getting to Know Your Soul” workshop for the third time. I’m reviewing Awaiting Light–Understanding the Development of the Soul in preparation. Each time I read this book, I am amazed by the information.

Here are excerpts from the book that wow me  each time I read them:

“The soul leads the body towards survival, but the body is responsible for survival activities. The soul informs the body, but the body can ignore the subtle signals. The soul wants acceptance, compassion, and understanding, but the body can choose fault finding, laziness, and defeat. The soul hints at spiritual connection, but the body listens or not.

Body and soul, soul and body—intertwined and independent. One can want one thing and the other can want something else, but whatever choices are made affects the other.

Bound and dependent, distinct and independent—duality in influencing the actions of each individual. The body and soul are joined at birth when the first inhalation occurs…” – from the chapter “The Color of the Soul”

“The color of the soul, with its influence and potential influence, creates the basis for each person and awaits further connection throughout the person’s life. People are their souls embodied in a physical container.

The soul is tattooed on the countenance of each person, and awareness of this soul display is needed in order to understand what we are seeing when we look into the face of another.” – from the chapter “The Color of the Soul”

“Each person has a pace at which he or she lives. …Knowing and understanding one’s pace is helpful when determining the type of work one will do, the location in which one will live, and which acquaintances enrich one’s life. Pace is somewhat adjustable; however, living in harmony with natural pace is the key to creating a resonant and appropriate existence.” – from the subchapter “The Soul-Color Attribute–Shade”

“Each person has a defined sense of morality that is soul-endowed. ..The society in which one lives pushes against the natural moral-balance boundaries setting, especially when the society imposes a moral scale different from the person’s own.  The same for different settings in a family. The person with the most influence in a family usually sets the moral boundaries, and the other family members adjust or rebel…The moral-balance boundaries setting has effects on the body: on digestion, on breathing, on circulation, and on thinking…” – from the subchapter “The Soul-Color Attribute–Shade”

Coloration is the soul-color attribute that provides the possibility of group connection. It provides group characteristics that transcend physical characteristics. Soulful characteristics. Coloration includes group interests, like-minded vision, harmonious relationships, and natural comfort. Coloration also includes recognition: recognition of group membership…Similar coloration can be felt when meeting people for the first time. Natural attraction to people can be a sign of coloration matching. This sense of attraction is felt when meeting people who were once lovers, friends, or kin (in other incarnations). …Togetherness is vital for normal human development. Coloration assists the joining of people in units (families, friendships, etc.) so that togetherness can be achieved. Familiarity is not a fluke; familiarity is built into people connections.” – from the subchapter “The Soul-Color Attribute–Coloration”

“It is the soul-facade, not the soul, that presents one’s feelings to the world. It is the soul-facade, not the soul, that struggles with questions of spirituality and purpose. It is the soul-facade, not the soul, that encourages when self-mistrust sets in. It is the soul-facade, not the soul, that turns away from soulful influence. It is the soul-facade, not the soul, that is damaged by negative behaviors and rejection of healthful existence. But it is the soul that is damaged when negative behaviors and rejection of healthful existence lead to complete negation of soulful living.

The soul is the private sphere of a person; the soul-facade is the public interface. … The soul-facade is the window of the soul. “- from the chapter “Interface of the Soul with the Body”

The Soul’s Influence

soul connection

For you I will proceed diligently
For you I will strive

You and I have connection
You and I have purpose

Our paths are one
Our paths are divided

Joined in physicality
Joined in transparency

Soul of my body
Body for my soul

Bound and dependent
Distinct and independent

For you I will reach higher
For you I will believe

For an understanding of the soul and its journey, read Awaiting Lighthttp://amzn.com/1500504084

Connection with Spiritual Connection

Spiritual connection

Spiritual connection surrounds all that we do. When we are doubtful of ourselves, spiritual connection is urging us to be supportive. Spiritual connection supports our actions, and we have to support them too.

When efforts seem wasted and quitting feels close, we must reach for the connection and let it support.

I’m writing wisdom poetry about faith. Here is a quote from the poem:

The opening to
Oneself is the
Opening to Spirit. Within oneself
Is the connection
Through the soul. For the soul
Yes the soul
Is Spirit derived. The soul
Carries energy that is
Spirit derived.

The opening to
Oneself is
Opening to Spirit. Opening to Spirit
Through self-inspection.
Finding the connection.
Finding the soul.

+ When you find your soul, you will be
open to Spirit.

And another quote from the poem:

The soul
Opens the living being
To spiritual energy.

The soul
Bridges the gap
Between beyond
And grounded.

Relaxation in soulful connection
Is natural and possible. Soulful connection
Brings relaxed being. Relaxed being is
Floating in thoughts of
Acceptance and connection. At
Connection is release from
Hurtful self-affliction. At
Connection is release
From criticism.
Relaxed being is floating in thoughts
While firmly attached to physicality.

The blood still flows.
The digestion continues on.
The nerves sense stimulation.
The breathing continues.
The body remains firmly established.

Connection is through physicality transcended
And thoughts receiving the body’s strength.

Connection is through thoughts a-soaring
Through flesh and blood aligning
And activation from soulful assistance.

And from the poem’s conclusion:

Connection to Spirit,
Sacred connection
Many paths and many offerings.
The connection has resonance
The connection uplifts the life.

Connection to Spirit,
Continuing connection
Many forms and many presentations.
The connection shares wonder
The connection inspires the life.

Natural death

Post 27-striving

This blog post is from Exploring Energy Guidance Complete, My Journey.

“Natural death, through illness or disease, body mis-function, or aging, causes people to struggle with sadness, anger, relief, confusion.” The process of living and dying is considered in the chapter “Concrete Living” in Oneself—Living.

My mother died from metastasized cancer when she was 66 years old. She had cancer of the sinuses that metastasized to her lungs. She was 55 when the sinus cancer was diagnosed. She underwent radical surgery to remove the cancerous growth, which left her disfigured and disabled. Her life was dramatically changed, yet she still had life. Her slow decline was difficult for her and for our family.

When she died, we struggled with sadness, anger, and confusion. There was no relief. No matter how much she suffered, we wanted her with us. The letting-go was fought. We fought to make her stay and we fought to not let her go. Our efforts made her leaving harder for her, and she tried to hang on when she needed to let go.

The dying process is one in which the person who is dying is affected by those around.  Children, siblings, partner, parents, friends, and even acquaintances cause pull in the wave that is taking the life-leaving-person out to sea. Death is like the sea and each person like a small living object on the shore living life and fighting the draw of the waves. Shelters can be built and the inevitable can be ignored, but the process moves on naturally and ever distressingly. Life, like death, flows and ebbs, bringing new circumstances and similar challenges.

The dying process ends one life and begins the after-life processing of the soul. The after-life processing of the soul connects the people who were left with the one who left. Through openness, desire, and intuition, the soulful essence of the one who left can be felt. The dying creates a different reality that can be a continuation of the relationship at the soulful level. Knowing this information does not lessen the pain of losing a loved one, but it can make the moving on easier.

To purchase Exploring Energy Guidance Complete, My Journey, go to http://amzn.com/1508539715


Excavating my soul color

parachute From Awaiting Light—Understanding the Development of the Soul, I learned that the soul has color which is bestowed at birth. The soul color has four attributes that determine our interests, our affinity for certain times of the day, seasons and temperatures, our emotional reactions, and our family connections, among others.

I’m currently writing a wisdom poem about faith, and in it the importance of knowing soul color is raised. By knowing one’s own soul color, a person can ascend towards spiritual connection through the power of the soul. Without knowing one’s soul color, the connection is difficult to create.

(A reminder about wisdom poetry: “A wisdom poem is a poem that is dictated directly from Spiritual Presence.” …from Unfolding.)

Today I excavated my soul color. I reviewed the explanations about soul color attributes in Awaiting Light, and then I dug deep to understand who I am, what are my real interests, what is my natural pace, and so on. I had to think back to my childhood and remember the things that drew my interest. I had to consider my true self and not the self that was molded by my parents and my society.

I considered the colors that appeal to me, shapes and metals too. I thought about activities that draw me, movements that energize me, and sounds that soothe or inspire me. I focused on scents that make me smile and on animals that make me feel friendly. I considered taste preferences and textures. I remembered moments that seemed soul-filled and people exchanges that felt fulfilling. I breathed deeply and felt the sense sensations that bring satisfaction and grounding.

After I made my long list of items that correspond to soul color attributes, I consulted with Spiritual Presence. A few things that felt natural were actually coping mechanisms from childhood so I took them off the list. Coping mechanisms can be deeply rooted, but they are not part of the soul.

Knowing my soul color can help me make choices and decisions that suit who I am—deep down in my soul.

To understand more about soul color, read this blog post: https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/08/04/the-color-of-your-soul/

To learn more about soul color and the soul, buy Awaiting Light: http://amzn.com/1500504084

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