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The Soul’s Influence

soul connection

For you I will proceed diligently
For you I will strive

You and I have connection
You and I have purpose

Our paths are one
Our paths are divided

Joined in physicality
Joined in transparency

Soul of my body
Body for my soul

Bound and dependent
Distinct and independent

For you I will reach higher
For you I will believe

For an understanding of the soul and its journey, read Awaiting Lighthttp://amzn.com/1500504084

What happens when life is lived elsely

Awaiting Light

elsely: 1. Not authentic  2. Not according to design

Each person receives a soul when born, and this soul dictates direction and clarity. As described in Awaiting Light—Understanding the Development of the Soul:

“The soul determines personality, the types of things that draw our interest and attention, our pace in absorbing information and performing activities, our pull towards certain times of the day and seasons, our comfort with temperature and weather variations/frequencies, our moods and mood over-all, our intuition, and our drive to live. The soul affects health and well-being, and generally works to keep the body in balance.”

When we live soulfully, we feel our needs and direction and we live authentically. When we live according to someone else’s idea of how we should live or according to our misinterpretation of how we should live, we are living elsely.

Elsely leads to unsureness, illness, frustration, mediocrity, and regret. Living an untrue-to-oneself life affects one’s partner, children, friends, and associates. Living elsely creates a life that is manageable, but lacking. Living elsely creates a life that is half-full.

To know oneself is not easy. Unintentional negative influence by caregivers causes people to veer from their true path. Societal expectations cause people to question their ideas and actions.

By understanding one’s soulful being, life can be lived fully and with satisfaction. Reading the book Awaiting Light is a first step towards understanding the makeup of the soul and examining personal traits and desires. Awaiting Light is available through amazon.com and its global distributors.

“The path to understanding is through openness to wonder and willingness to imagine. This book is written so that all can know that their actions matter and that their personalities and sensitivities have reasons for being so. Having this information assists in raising children to be their real selves and encourages adults to understand their natural interests and societally created pursuits. Having this information leads to accepting each person as he or she is, which brings balance and elevation of all.”

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