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Natural death

Post 27-striving

This blog post is from Exploring Energy Guidance Complete, My Journey.

“Natural death, through illness or disease, body mis-function, or aging, causes people to struggle with sadness, anger, relief, confusion.” The process of living and dying is considered in the chapter “Concrete Living” in Oneself—Living.

My mother died from metastasized cancer when she was 66 years old. She had cancer of the sinuses that metastasized to her lungs. She was 55 when the sinus cancer was diagnosed. She underwent radical surgery to remove the cancerous growth, which left her disfigured and disabled. Her life was dramatically changed, yet she still had life. Her slow decline was difficult for her and for our family.

When she died, we struggled with sadness, anger, and confusion. There was no relief. No matter how much she suffered, we wanted her with us. The letting-go was fought. We fought to make her stay and we fought to not let her go. Our efforts made her leaving harder for her, and she tried to hang on when she needed to let go.

The dying process is one in which the person who is dying is affected by those around.  Children, siblings, partner, parents, friends, and even acquaintances cause pull in the wave that is taking the life-leaving-person out to sea. Death is like the sea and each person like a small living object on the shore living life and fighting the draw of the waves. Shelters can be built and the inevitable can be ignored, but the process moves on naturally and ever distressingly. Life, like death, flows and ebbs, bringing new circumstances and similar challenges.

The dying process ends one life and begins the after-life processing of the soul. The after-life processing of the soul connects the people who were left with the one who left. Through openness, desire, and intuition, the soulful essence of the one who left can be felt. The dying creates a different reality that can be a continuation of the relationship at the soulful level. Knowing this information does not lessen the pain of losing a loved one, but it can make the moving on easier.

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