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In preparation for my “Getting to Know Your Soul” workshop, I’m rereading Awaiting Light—Understanding the Development of the Soul. I received the information for this book in 2014, and it still amazes me as before. I’d like to share a few quotes from the book that fascinate me.

Body and soul, soul and body—intertwined and independent. One can want one thing and the other can want something else, but whatever choices are made affects the other.

Bound and dependent, distinct and independent—duality in influencing the actions of each individual. The body and soul are joined at birth when the first inhalation occurs. The body and soul relinquish connection when bodily functioning has completely stopped and the pull of the soul towards next occurs.

The soul is tattooed on the countenance of each person, and awareness of this soul display is needed in order to understand what we are seeing when we look into the face of another.

Soul and body, body and soul—sameness in intangible form. The affixation of the soul and the body individualizes the tangible and intangible form. In other words, the physical being has a unique and joined presentation that is conforming to requirements of the soul and of the body. This individuality is expressed in fingerprints and other unique-to-me markings, both tangible (like the fingerprints) and intangible (likes, interests, etc.)

The soul is the reason for the body. The body is the means to living by the soul.


Awaiting Light—Understanding the Development of the Soul can be purchased on amazon.com. Click the book cover to order this book: 

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