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Soul note

Tomorrow I will be presenting the “Getting to Know Your Soul” workshop for the third time. I’m reviewing Awaiting Light–Understanding the Development of the Soul in preparation. Each time I read this book, I am amazed by the information.

Here are excerpts from the book that wow me  each time I read them:

“The soul leads the body towards survival, but the body is responsible for survival activities. The soul informs the body, but the body can ignore the subtle signals. The soul wants acceptance, compassion, and understanding, but the body can choose fault finding, laziness, and defeat. The soul hints at spiritual connection, but the body listens or not.

Body and soul, soul and body—intertwined and independent. One can want one thing and the other can want something else, but whatever choices are made affects the other.

Bound and dependent, distinct and independent—duality in influencing the actions of each individual. The body and soul are joined at birth when the first inhalation occurs…” – from the chapter “The Color of the Soul”

“The color of the soul, with its influence and potential influence, creates the basis for each person and awaits further connection throughout the person’s life. People are their souls embodied in a physical container.

The soul is tattooed on the countenance of each person, and awareness of this soul display is needed in order to understand what we are seeing when we look into the face of another.” – from the chapter “The Color of the Soul”

“Each person has a pace at which he or she lives. …Knowing and understanding one’s pace is helpful when determining the type of work one will do, the location in which one will live, and which acquaintances enrich one’s life. Pace is somewhat adjustable; however, living in harmony with natural pace is the key to creating a resonant and appropriate existence.” – from the subchapter “The Soul-Color Attribute–Shade”

“Each person has a defined sense of morality that is soul-endowed. ..The society in which one lives pushes against the natural moral-balance boundaries setting, especially when the society imposes a moral scale different from the person’s own.  The same for different settings in a family. The person with the most influence in a family usually sets the moral boundaries, and the other family members adjust or rebel…The moral-balance boundaries setting has effects on the body: on digestion, on breathing, on circulation, and on thinking…” – from the subchapter “The Soul-Color Attribute–Shade”

Coloration is the soul-color attribute that provides the possibility of group connection. It provides group characteristics that transcend physical characteristics. Soulful characteristics. Coloration includes group interests, like-minded vision, harmonious relationships, and natural comfort. Coloration also includes recognition: recognition of group membership…Similar coloration can be felt when meeting people for the first time. Natural attraction to people can be a sign of coloration matching. This sense of attraction is felt when meeting people who were once lovers, friends, or kin (in other incarnations). …Togetherness is vital for normal human development. Coloration assists the joining of people in units (families, friendships, etc.) so that togetherness can be achieved. Familiarity is not a fluke; familiarity is built into people connections.” – from the subchapter “The Soul-Color Attribute–Coloration”

“It is the soul-facade, not the soul, that presents one’s feelings to the world. It is the soul-facade, not the soul, that struggles with questions of spirituality and purpose. It is the soul-facade, not the soul, that encourages when self-mistrust sets in. It is the soul-facade, not the soul, that turns away from soulful influence. It is the soul-facade, not the soul, that is damaged by negative behaviors and rejection of healthful existence. But it is the soul that is damaged when negative behaviors and rejection of healthful existence lead to complete negation of soulful living.

The soul is the private sphere of a person; the soul-facade is the public interface. … The soul-facade is the window of the soul. “- from the chapter “Interface of the Soul with the Body”

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