A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Shade-moral boundaries setting

The previous blog post explains the color attributes of the soul, one of which is Shade. Shade has several actions that determine the comfort a person feels in his or her surroundings. One of these actions is the sense of morality, the ability to naturally know right and wrong. Each person has a morality setting that guides. Here is an excerpt from Awaiting Light—Understanding the Development of the Soul:

“The society in which one lives pushes against the natural moral-balance boundaries setting, especially when the society imposes a moral scale different from the person’s own.  The same for different settings in a family. The person with the most influence in a family usually sets the moral boundaries, and the other family members adjust or rebel.

When a society is repressive, the moral-balance boundaries settings for all who live in the society are affected. Even for those who support the repressive ways. People are forced to ignore their natural sense of moral conduct when the society is morally selfish, and they must themselves repress their knowingness about proper and moral behavior.

When a society is tolerant of nuances, moral-balance boundaries settings are also affected; and so, the boundaries are much more available for making personal decisions and for formulating opinions and actions. Societal morés do come into play, but they can be weighed with relatively equal weight to one’s own sense of right and wrong.

Sometimes people with repressive tendencies gain influence in a tolerant society. When a repressive energy takes hold, it affects the populace in three main ways: (1) for those who support the repression, it causes them to ignore their own sense of right and wrong; (2) for those who are unwilling or unable to oppose, it causes them to modify their sense of right and wrong; and (3) for those whose personal sense of right and wrong is strong, it causes them to oppose the repression.

A society that is tolerant is a society that has connection. Connection to its inhabitants. Connection to people-boundaries of moral balance.  Connection to soul.

The moral-balance boundaries setting has effects on the body: on digestion, on breathing, on circulation, and on thinking. When people are able to live by their morality boundaries, they are able to live in balance with themselves. They can evaluate and act based on personal judgment.”

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