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Soul color

I am about to release the fifth book in the Existence-Me Elevated Living book series. It is called Awaiting Light—Understanding the Development of the Soul. Here are excerpts from the book:

“Soul-color forms the personality of the soul.  The soul has four attributes that combine to individualize each soul. The four soul-color attributes are shade, hue, contrast, and coloration.”

“The soul has color that determines personality characteristics, likes, dislikes, temperament, etc.  The soul-color comes from a collection of intangible attributes that can be likened to shade, hue, contrast, and coloration. Each soul-color attribute contributes to the color that defines each person’s soul.”

“The soul-color attribute is hue, and it is responsible for a person’s strong sense of liking or not liking something, tangible or intangible. The attachments focus a person because no one person can be interested in everything.”

“The soul instills personality traits that determine the passion that is felt when life is experienced and the conviction that rises up when opinions and thoughts are formulated. The soul-color attribute for personality range and depth is contrast.”

I am very excited to share this information!

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