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“…the color that defines each person’s soul”

Soul color 2

An excerpt from Awaiting Light—Understanding the Development of the Soul:

 The soul determines personality, the types of things that draw our interest and attention, our pace in absorbing information and performing activities, our pull towards certain times of the day and seasons, our comfort with temperature and weather variations/frequencies, our moods and mood overall, our intuition, and our drive to live. The soul affects health and well-being, and generally works to keep the body in balance.

The soul leads the body towards survival, but the body is responsible for survival activities. The soul informs the body, but the body can ignore the subtle signals. The soul wants acceptance, compassion, and understanding, but the body can choose fault finding, laziness, and defeat. The soul hints at spiritual connection, but the body listens or not.

Body and soul, soul and body—intertwined and independent. One can want one thing and the other can want something else, but whatever choices are made affects the other.

Bound and dependent, distinct and independent—duality in influencing the actions of each individual. The body and soul are joined at birth when the first inhalation occurs. The body and soul relinquish connection when bodily functioning has completely stopped and the pull of the soul towards next occurs.

The soul is complex in its intangible-being. The soul has color that determines personality characteristics, likes, dislikes, temperament, etc.  The soul-color comes from a collection of intangible attributes that can be likened to shade, hue, contrast, and coloration. Each soul-color attribute contributes to the color that defines each person’s soul.”

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