A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


Post 97-wild flowers

I’m working on book #6, which I mentioned in passing in an earlier post (Yes, I know books 4 and 5 aren’t out yet. Book #5 is in second draft and book #4 is on hold.). The main subject is the soul, and the information I am receiving is exciting.

Here’s a small taste…

 “Spiritual connection exists within the soul. It is a bound element that enables the soul to achieve transcendent thought. Spiritual connection enables people to live within the cycling nature of life and to do so in varied and fresh arrangements. Spiritual connection provides capabilities to choose, mold, and direct living that is purposeful and fulfilling. Purposeful and fulfilling can occur without acknowledging the role of spiritual connection, but it is there, with or without the acknowledgement. Spiritual connection exists in all living things, but its binding to the soul is what elevates the possibilities of humans. Despite the interconnectedness of the soul to the body, people function without awareness of the soul’s participation in daily and routine actions…”


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