A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Post 99-Book 5-VitalityI have finished the second draft of Book #5 and it is about to go to my editor.

I am interested in feedback from people who follow my blog. Would you please read the following excerpt from the Introduction and consider its tone:

 “This book is titled Vitality! because vitality is necessary to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. By living energetically, a person is living as designed. People are not meant to be sluggish-crawlers. They are meant to be vibrant creators and observers. Living energetically does not mean living at a frenetic pace all the time. It means living fully and filling life with moments of full attention and engagement. Being ready to attempt and to strive, being ready to attempt again and strive more.”

In the excerpt, you can see elements of my writing on this blog. My main question is this: do you think the term sluggish-crawlers is too derogatory? It is the word I received (from Spiritual Presence), but it feels a bit unkind. What do you think? Is its descriptiveness needed to wake people up?

Feel free to add a comment to this post or to write me privately at Renee4Libra@gmail.com.

Thanks for your input!


Comments on: "An excerpt from Book #5: “Vitality! How to Create a Life that is Healthy”" (2)

  1. Arlene Even said:

    I think it’s a good descriptive word and you should leave it that way. It gets the point accross.

  2. Thanks to all who replied. Looks like sluggish-crawlers is staying. The other day I was dragging my feet with writing and other things I was supposed to be doing, and so I asked Spiritual Presence if I was being a sluggish-crawler and I received a resounding YES! That helped put me back on track.

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