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The book Awaiting Light—Understanding the Development of the Soul explains the connection of people to their relatives, friends, and special acquaintances beyond the current life. Connections are built-in through the soul-color attribute Coloration.

“Coloration provides cyclical incarnation. Souls that are in the same group bind in varying combinations that cause them to have recognition from incarnation to incarnation. Coloration is just one attribute of each soul so that people with the same coloration can be very different, but the recognition of group membership can lead to pairing and connections time after time. Coloration determines the appearance of group member souls, but it does not guarantee harmony or comfort.

Groups contain souls that will join through marriage, friendship, extended family relations, and special relationship connections such as through work, community, and interests. Groups provide order to life because they influence choices and connections.

Life does not allow for members of groups to connect in each incarnation. Meetings don’t always occur, marriages don’t always happen, and different decisions lead to movement away from natural relationships. Life with group members is more satisfying, but not necessarily more relaxed. The other soul-color attributes can influence group functionality. Attraction to others not in one’s group can bring satisfaction because group membership is not the uppermost requirement for happiness with one’s life.

Similar coloration can be felt when meeting people for the first time. Natural attraction to people can be a sign of coloration matching. This sense of attraction is felt when meeting people who were once lovers, friends, or kin (in other incarnations). Other incarnations are not actually felt during the current life, but the sense of comfort or knowingness is.

Togetherness is vital for normal human development. Coloration assists the joining of people in units (families, friendships, etc.) so that togetherness can be achieved. Familiarity is not a fluke; familiarity is built into people connections.”

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