A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


In the book Pond a Connected Existence, there is wisdom that calls out for action:

  • From the chapter “Behavior & Release”:

“The state of extended over-tiredness can lead to general overall unwellness, affected decision-making, and overestimation of abilities. Sleep is essential.”

  • From the chapter “Pliable and Different”:

“Many people think they can’t change; that is false thinking. By design, people are made to adapt, adopt, and be adept.”

  • From the chapter “Luck! What Luck?:

“The importance of preparation cannot be overemphasized. Without it, opportunities are squandered, missed, lost.”

How are these morsels of wisdom connected?

  • With adequate sleep, a person can think more clearly and take the actions necessary to be prepared.
  • Adaptability contributes to preparation for the future. Adaptability is available to those who are willing to examine their decision-making and change when a decision no longer brings clarity.
  • One can never be prepared for all events, no matter how prepared, because life is so unknown. Sleep prepares for handling life’s uncertainty and refocuses perspective about one’s ability to change and receive the future.

Energy Guidance Complete is gifted awareness from beyond.

Open your eyes and see the connection!

Open your heart and feel the call!

Open your arms and receive the guidance!

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