A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Dis tr a c ting


Distracting colors

I should be working on activities for my next workshop and I should be immersed in one of the several books I am writing, but instead I let myself get distracted by Facebook and news stories about politicians and topics that have little meaning in my life. I get distracted by unimportant errands and Sudoku. I even focus on dusting rather than on the writing that is SO much more important.

You would think that I, with the constant prodding by Spiritual Presence, would stay focused, but no, I rebel and waste time. Even though I know how precious the passing time is! I guess I don’t really understand the meaning of this poem from Unfolding:

The Flash

Life is so quick—
Quickly over,
So quickly over.

Why don’t we notice?
Why don’t we realize?

Living fully
Is living life right!
Ready to attempt,
Ready to strive,
Ready to attempt again,
Ready to strive more.

Life is so quick—

Almost all of my spiritually received books remind me about the need to stay focused, and yet I “focus” on the wispy fluff*.

“There are temptations aplenty that lure and distract us. Staying focused on elevating pursuits is difficult. Our natural inclination is often to choose the less demanding option over the more rewarding, but harder-to-achieve, goal. Continuous bombardment by advertising and entertainment cause us to choose unwisely. The lure of gaiety wins out over its sober cousin, responsible selection of pastimes. So many worthwhile endeavors are waiting to be embraced, but the lightness and instantaneous nature of distracting endeavors deter. Learning to choose wisely is an important sign of understanding the importance of balance.”

This quote is from the chapter “Distractions Along the Way” in The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort.

Perhaps writing a blog post about this waste of precious time will help me stay focused. I hope that my confession helps some of you too.

From Connection:

ticking tocking
on and on
the clock ticks on
and ticks some more

*wispy fluff was first defined in Pond a Connected Existence. It is empty and valueless time wasters. It is unimportant and un-elevating.

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