A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Post 97-wild flowers

Here is my typical workday these days: sit down at the computer and read emails, look at my blog statistics, check my Facebook page, read the news main topics, open the file for the book I’m working on and go to where I left off, add a sentence or two, check the news again (things are unstable so the news changes quickly), see if anyone has commented on Facebook, get up to get a drink, vow to only work on my book, peek to see if there are any new emails and news, go to my book and try to focus, get frustrated so do some administrative work for my husband, take another quick look at blog statistics, and so on. Not much getting written, but lots of valuable time dribbling away.

I know that I am meant to bring much wisdom to the world and yet I procrastinate. Sometimes I struggle with the questions I need to ask in order to receive the wisdom. Sometimes I struggle with the individual words. Sometimes I struggle with the graphics. And sometimes I struggle with the immensity of my purpose.

I’m about to receive wisdom to guide me during this time of distraction, and I’m sharing it on my blog in hopes that it will help others who are time wasters like me. Here goes:

Renee—you have been shown what you represent. You bring about understanding of connection to beyond when you focus your time and effort. To focus: do the huff’ n’ puff exercise each morning for at least 5 minutes, do one of the exercises for connecting to spiritual support once a week, and only open your document on the computer. Strive!

I give messages to people I work with, and they choose to make the changes that can bring them balance and understanding—or not. They have free choice to change. The messages I receive require acceptance by me. The gift comes with expectations.

Time is deceptive. Life is multi-textured. The time spent creating a life that is reaching and grounded is time that is used wisely. Strive!

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