A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


A person experiencing life in a no-need-to-strive way is living life partially.

Striving is a built-in endeavor for staying alive. In past times when survival was the driving force, the importance of striving to stay alive was utmost. In modern times, survival is assumed and so, striving to stay alive is less governing. Nonetheless, the natural urge to strive remains, and it requires direction.

Many outlets are available for the urge to strive. There are goals to achieve and goals to overplan. There are goals to continuously maintain and goals to share. There are goals to do in unison and goals to do alone. Building family units and community tasks are continuous striving outlets. So too are one’s personal care and ideas.

The conveniences of today enable striving that is optional. Optional striving confuses. Optional striving stresses. Optional striving can lead to immobility. It can even lead to conceit and laziness. Striving that is optional is a luxury that can be negative or positive depending upon each person’s actions and decisions.

The way in which a person chooses to strive–or not–is reflected on his or her face. Too many people have opted to ignore the drive to achieve, and their bodies reflect this mistaken choice. Striving for personal balance (physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual) and for community connection are purposes that nourish the built-in force to strive.

“Purpose in life is the force that enables overcoming obstacles and other difficulties. Finding purpose is a must for experiencing satisfaction in one’s comings and goings. …”

from https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2013/11/04/striving-and-striving-more/

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