A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Muddling Through


Mud makes us happy when we are playful children. Mud makes us miserable when we are busy adults with little time for extra cleaning. The cleaning of the mud is an extra chore that few choose to take on willingly.

And yet, many go through life acquiring mud that they refuse to let go. This type of mud is not physical, but is just as dirtying and requiring of cleansing.

  • This mud is habits that hold us down.
  • This mud is relationships that mire us in muck.
  • This mud is internal criticism that dirties our thoughts.
  • This mud is chosen employment that creates unpleasant versions of ourselves.

Muddling through so that we can get through our days is not living; it is living trapped. We can get trapped into work that makes us feel empty or worthless. We can get trapped into relationships that cause us to feel depleted or used. We can get trapped into dramas that are not our own making, yet influence and dirty our living. Destructive habits and unfulfilled dreams trap us more.

Muddling through is a chosen way of life, and it’s surprising how many people choose to just muddle through. Even when they know how to pull themselves out, they choose not to. It’s more comfortable to stay in the same place and complain or give up.

Muddling through is not how people are meant to live. Muddling through should be reserved for times when unexpected events create the need to get through something or require efforts beyond our abilities. Muddling through is a positive thing when life demands beyond-our-control efforts. Muddling through is a negative thing when it becomes the regular mode of functioning.

The way we see mud, and the way we let it sink us or entertain us, focuses the way we get through life. With our determination to be ourselves comes our determination to not just muddle through. Muddling through is for specific times. Muddling through is best left for them and not for most of our days.

Here’s to living and not to just muddling through!

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