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Same you, new view

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The view from inside is often critical and too focused. Self-examination usually reveals missteps and mistakes, faulty executions, and missing sound evaluations.

In reality, missteps and mistakes might have happened, but at a lower level than the internal review presented. People tend to be too self-critical and judgmental.

What is the new view?

The new view is examination without negative judgment, evaluation without name-calling and put-downs. The new view is passionate but realistic, thorough but forgiving, expectant but fair, demanding but evenhanded.

We know our capabilities and our aptitude. We know our achievements and successes from the past. Focusing on the desired goals and working towards them guide us and lessen the hold of criticism and self-doubt.

To repeat: focusing on the goals and working towards them, letting the criticism and self-doubt flitter away, is the start to a new view of oneself.

“Implementing openness and patience and understanding towards oneself provide the way for balancing personal opinion. Being open to one’s own abilities and gifts. Being patient when learning new skills. Being patient when trying new endeavors. Understanding that perfection is the realm of Spirit only and that the created perfection of the world flows from very imperfect segments. Perfection and perfectionism should be banned words! Unattainable, time wasters, alienating.” …from Oneself—Living

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