A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


The last seven posts presented the tests that should be performed regularly to improve and sustain health. These tests require thought and desire to live purposefully. These tests monitor all aspects of health: physical health and sustenance of the body, emotional health, intellectual input, and connectedness to the world beyond our personal territory. These tests prevent a life lived partially, if we are careful to live with the understanding of our impact on the world.

“Knowing what to do to keep healthy is basic required knowledge. Knowing what to eat or how much to drink to stay hydrated are the most obvious keys to good health. Understanding the need and frequency of sleep is required as well. Health is not the villain to be battled or feared; health is the means to meaningful living and ultimate satisfaction with one’s life.” …from Pond a Connected Existence

The better the health, the more we can focus on life outside ourselves. Letting go of overemphasis on food or self or possessions or appearance can free us to be focused on real issues. Eating too much or too little or improperly are wasteful endeavors. Trying to do everything alone or holding back from taking part in society are against our design. Coveting or buying too many possessions hurt us emotionally and hurt the environment. Caring more for how we look than how we treat others is simply mistaken behavior.

If you haven’t yet looked at the tests, take a look now and consider the questions thoughtfully. Each of us impacts our society and beyond our society so much more than we realize. And our impact comes back around and affects our health—for better or worse.

Wishing you amazing test results!



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