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Too much meat

too much meat

Too much meat. In general, people eat too much meat. This message is not new. And yet, many people consider meat to be their required sustenance, their right. Their right to eat meat without boundaries. Meat, meat, and more meat.

This blog post is not about giving up meat. Meat is food that is nourishing and satisfying. This post is about remembering that meat is sacred food that comes from living animals and conscientiously limiting amounts that are eaten.

There are diets that place meat at the top of the diet plan. In other words, the meat is the most important part of the diet and is key to weight loss or weight gain prevention. Some diets espouse meat as the main food to eat in quantities that are not appropriate for the human body. These diets are harmful for the body and for the environment.

Meat is living-energy that requires respect. The life that was the meat existed yet it was cut short for human consumption. The animals that feed humans were living, were interacting, and were being part of the populace of Earth. The animals that feed humans are not people, but they deserve kind and respectful treatment. The animals that feed humans give their living-energy; this fact must be remembered.

People who eat more meat than their bodies need consume too much living-energy, and this over-consumption lessens the true value and significance of the animals. Eating less meat is responsible. The animals, like the people, are living, breathing creatures.

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