A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


“…when moments are wasted or spent on destructive pursuits or focused on valueless fluff, balance and security are taken away.”  This quote pounds us with the truth about wasting time in the chapter “Moment” in Pond a Connected Existence.

I know this wisdom; I truly do, and yet I still choose valueless fluff when meaningful endeavors call to me. Wasteful time wasters abound, and I let them pull me down. Down into the abyss of valueless activity. Far into the place where time is irretrievable, where time is lost and cannot be replaced. Time gone, flittered away on meaningless wispy fluff.

The lure of smallness is greater than the push to impact. Having an impact on others, on society, on global conservation, on local causes, and on family issues, is people-ness. Impacting and not ignoring, impacting and not allowing laziness to win out. To live with narrow expectations might seem easier, but in reality it leaves people empty when the end comes. When the end comes, knowing that impact took place because of one’s positive efforts makes the exit less difficult.

Energy Guidance Complete illuminates the way, but the way has to be followed. Step by step, one change at a time, one better choice and then another. Following the guidance because it is wise and then following the soulfully felt guidance because it is intuitively wise. Energy Guidance Complete and soulful guidance: two ascents that flow from the same source.

(This post is from Exploring Energy Guidance Complete, My Journey, the book I am currently writing.)

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