A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Renee by olive tree

“Reaching potential happens every day a person interacts with others and with the environment (with plants, animals, and other natural inhabitants of the world) in a constructive and uplifting manner. Each day brings an opportunity to move up or down, to build or waste, and to affect or be affected. Each day is another step on the journey.”  from the chapter “The Journey” in “The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort”.

I am happy to report that “interacting with others” is being extended when I return to the US to bring Energy Guidance Complete to more people. Meeting with people and helping them achieve balance is rewarding and is a mission I have been given. Talking about Energy Guidance Complete and sharing the wisdom of soulful living is reaching my potential.

“Soul choices require conviction and strength! Soul choices require willingness to risk and willingness to falter! Soul choices require heart and blood! Soul choices require taking a stand and doing what needs to be done—when it needs to be done and without complaint! Soul choices are not always easy to make, but they are the choices worth making.”  from “Exploring Energy Guidance Complete, My Journey”.

Really listening to one’s inner voice is not taught, and so people have to learn their own way. Energy Guidance Complete sessions help build the path.

I start in Los Angeles, which will be my base. I worked there last March, and was soulfully lifted being there. In LA, I wrote the book about the soul. I am excited to see what topics will flow through my fingers this time.

Conviction and strength and willingness to give Energy Guidance Complete to others. These purposeful supports are guiding my work!

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