A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Airport kindness


I am on my way to the airport, sitting in a van that is collecting more people as we go. A good time to receive information.

I will write about the airport staff that work at the reception desks and how to deal with them.

The staff who will enable me to fly are bored. Day after day, they are sitting at a reception desk with the same people checking in—different heights, different passport numbers. The people checking in are excited or indifferent or worried or short-tempered. Same people—different expressions. Sitting at the reception desk and expected to be receptive to all who ask a question and to all who want a change. Same questions, different phrasing

How can I (we) connect to the staff sitting at the reception desk:

  1. Wait for the instructions before talking.
  2. Follow the instructions precisely.
  3. Complete this short person-to-person connection with a smile, with a thanks, and with a kind thought. The kindess will be absorbed and the boredom will be ever so slightly lifted.


Each connection in our day-to-day, less regular, and once-every-so-often encounters is an opportunity for balance.

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