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So many things can be written about: the importance of sleep or water or nutritious foods. Perhaps nature’s effect on us or the importance of caring for animals. And yet, those topics feel insignificant next to today’s headlines blaring out another surprise terror attack.

Yesterday it happened in the country where I live, the day before in the country where I used to live.

The terror attacks have been happening every day in countries where I’ve never lived or visited, and I tend to let those attacks stay distant. Not let them faze my daily concerns.

Same with the reports of never-ending murders in some cities or horrific attacks on women in other countries or sex trafficking all around the world (my country included), and on and on. So many disturbing reports about the awful ways people treat one another.

“What can I share with people…” I ask Spiritual Presence, “…when I feel too sad to write about the importance of sleep or water or nutritious foods?”

Here’s the answer:

Life flows—highs and lows and in-betweens, floods and ebbs continuously. The lows take people down, where they are capable of incredible meanness. The highs bring them into incredibly kind states.  The meanness and the kindness are tangible expressions of life. Striving for kindness is best.

In my life, I can aim for the kindness and work to keep the low from overtaking. The other stuff is happening and I’ll stay aware, but keep striving for the kindness.

Now I feel a bit more ready to share what I had planned to share before the too near attack happened. The next post will share a dessert recipe I have come to rely upon to keep my nagging sweet tooth at bay. If it can help others combat their own sweet tooth, then I will have done a bit of kindness.

Pain Emotional

Post 126-body massage

Knee pain. I’ve had knee pain off and on through the years. I ruled out physical causes several years ago when physical therapies didn’t relieve the pain. At one point, I examined a conflict with a loved one and when we worked it out, the pain went away.

Lately, the pain came back. Actually it comes and goes. Once again, physical therapies don’t relieve the pain.

I finally turned to Spirit to determine the cause. (Why did I wait so long?) And I learned that once again, emotional turmoil has come into play. The emotion–disappointment–has entangled itself around my kneecap. A person close to me disappointed me, and the disappointment hurts me physically and emotionally. Turns out that the pain in my knee reflects several disappointments from my adult life.

To relieve the pain, I must care for the disappointment with kindness. To do that, I will not try to relive the disappointments that happened; rather, I will create a way for the disappointments to dissolve. (I’m not explaining the Energy Guidance Complete way this will happen, because it differs from person to person.) When the disappointment has dissolved, the pain will end.

My experience reflects the experiences of many people. Emotional turmoil sometimes lodges in the body and manifests as physical pain. This type of pain is hard to treat, because emotional wounds defy physical treatments.

Back pain, knee pain, stomachaches, skin eruptions, and abdominal ailments are types of physical problems that often have emotional causes. When these problems occur, the best healing approaches are holistic therapies. When physical and emotional healing of physical problems occur, the healing is more often successful.

The body heals when causes are understood and acknowledged. As with me and my knee, emotions are responsible for the body’s responses. Pain and joy affect the way we feel, and the way we feel creates the pain or joy.

The more we focus on emotions that are positive, the better we feel. The more we allow negative emotions to fester, the more chance of physical pain. Even when difficult things happen in life, positive rather than negative helps prevent lasting harm.

The power of emotional healing is incredible. The first step is to understand its existence!

Airport kindness


I am on my way to the airport, sitting in a van that is collecting more people as we go. A good time to receive information.

I will write about the airport staff that work at the reception desks and how to deal with them.

The staff who will enable me to fly are bored. Day after day, they are sitting at a reception desk with the same people checking in—different heights, different passport numbers. The people checking in are excited or indifferent or worried or short-tempered. Same people—different expressions. Sitting at the reception desk and expected to be receptive to all who ask a question and to all who want a change. Same questions, different phrasing

How can I (we) connect to the staff sitting at the reception desk:

  1. Wait for the instructions before talking.
  2. Follow the instructions precisely.
  3. Complete this short person-to-person connection with a smile, with a thanks, and with a kind thought. The kindess will be absorbed and the boredom will be ever so slightly lifted.


Each connection in our day-to-day, less regular, and once-every-so-often encounters is an opportunity for balance.

Kindness to the animals we care for: muzzles for dogs


In the book Pond a Connected Existence, caring for pets in listed as a sustaining activity for people. We are drawn to animals that can be domesticated, and they in turn learn to depend on us. The intertwined existence of people and domesticated animals requires careful observation and empathy by people who care for them.

A few days ago on one of my many lovely walks in L.A., I saw a woman walking several dogs of varying sizes. As I approached them, I saw that the largest dog had a rubber band holding his mouth shut. I also noticed that the supposed-to-be-caring dog walker looked very rushed. As we passed one another, I felt a surge of negativity and so I asked Spiritual Presence about what I had just witnessed. I witnessed injustice, cruelty, and selfishness.

This post is a reminder to people who live with or care for dogs. There are humane ways to prevent a dog from opening his mouth when being walked in public. Muzzles are not injustice and cruelty. Many are made in a somewhat comfortable way that allow the dog to have a somewhat normal experience when being walked.

If you or anyone you know puts a rubber band around a dog’s snout, know that the dog is experiencing injustice, cruelty, and loss of trust in humans. People should know better, and if they don’t then they shouldn’t be caring for dogs.


“To be balanced is to know how much to say, how much to keep back, and how much to say kindly. ”

I received this advice for Book #2. I received this information in order to spread it to others. I also received it for myself.

“Knowing how much to say kindly” is the key to effective communication. Kindly, not brusquely; kindly, not with a lecturing tone; kindly, not meanly. K-I-N-D-L-Y.

The essay about Intrigue presents much more than information about intrigue, revenge, and gossip. Refraining from these things is not easy to do, but neither is being kind when one is tired or short on time.

I have to remember that the words delivered in kindness are the words that will be remembered. Remembered and valued.

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