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So many things can be written about: the importance of sleep or water or nutritious foods. Perhaps nature’s effect on us or the importance of caring for animals. And yet, those topics feel insignificant next to today’s headlines blaring out another surprise terror attack.

Yesterday it happened in the country where I live, the day before in the country where I used to live.

The terror attacks have been happening every day in countries where I’ve never lived or visited, and I tend to let those attacks stay distant. Not let them faze my daily concerns.

Same with the reports of never-ending murders in some cities or horrific attacks on women in other countries or sex trafficking all around the world (my country included), and on and on. So many disturbing reports about the awful ways people treat one another.

“What can I share with people…” I ask Spiritual Presence, “…when I feel too sad to write about the importance of sleep or water or nutritious foods?”

Here’s the answer:

Life flows—highs and lows and in-betweens, floods and ebbs continuously. The lows take people down, where they are capable of incredible meanness. The highs bring them into incredibly kind states.  The meanness and the kindness are tangible expressions of life. Striving for kindness is best.

In my life, I can aim for the kindness and work to keep the low from overtaking. The other stuff is happening and I’ll stay aware, but keep striving for the kindness.

Now I feel a bit more ready to share what I had planned to share before the too near attack happened. The next post will share a dessert recipe I have come to rely upon to keep my nagging sweet tooth at bay. If it can help others combat their own sweet tooth, then I will have done a bit of kindness.

Addiction Attraction


A word that means relinquishment.

Addiction is relinquishment of self-listening.
Internal communications are constantly happening.
Their purpose is to keep the body balanced.

Burying the dialogue below
or drugs
or sex
or tobacco
or shopping
or food
or thrills

turns down the volume, but increases the crying out.

The addictive stranglehold of the sound mufflers
tunes out the internal communications, but increases interruptions.

Unable to hear the true voice of the body, the addicted person listens to the interrupting messages and follows their guidance.

Addiction offers a guided path to away from oneself.
Addiction is SCREAMING.


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