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Pain Emotional

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Knee pain. I’ve had knee pain off and on through the years. I ruled out physical causes several years ago when physical therapies didn’t relieve the pain. At one point, I examined a conflict with a loved one and when we worked it out, the pain went away.

Lately, the pain came back. Actually it comes and goes. Once again, physical therapies don’t relieve the pain.

I finally turned to Spirit to determine the cause. (Why did I wait so long?) And I learned that once again, emotional turmoil has come into play. The emotion–disappointment–has entangled itself around my kneecap. A person close to me disappointed me, and the disappointment hurts me physically and emotionally. Turns out that the pain in my knee reflects several disappointments from my adult life.

To relieve the pain, I must care for the disappointment with kindness. To do that, I will not try to relive the disappointments that happened; rather, I will create a way for the disappointments to dissolve. (I’m not explaining the Energy Guidance Complete way this will happen, because it differs from person to person.) When the disappointment has dissolved, the pain will end.

My experience reflects the experiences of many people. Emotional turmoil sometimes lodges in the body and manifests as physical pain. This type of pain is hard to treat, because emotional wounds defy physical treatments.

Back pain, knee pain, stomachaches, skin eruptions, and abdominal ailments are types of physical problems that often have emotional causes. When these problems occur, the best healing approaches are holistic therapies. When physical and emotional healing of physical problems occur, the healing is more often successful.

The body heals when causes are understood and acknowledged. As with me and my knee, emotions are responsible for the body’s responses. Pain and joy affect the way we feel, and the way we feel creates the pain or joy.

The more we focus on emotions that are positive, the better we feel. The more we allow negative emotions to fester, the more chance of physical pain. Even when difficult things happen in life, positive rather than negative helps prevent lasting harm.

The power of emotional healing is incredible. The first step is to understand its existence!

Striving Revisited

For some reason, I am compelled to repost the Striving post. Someone out there has missed it on my blog and needs to read it. So if you think it might be you, read carefully.

Post 26 archer

  • Striving to improve
  • Striving to move
  • Striving to win
  • Striving to begin

So many things to strive for. People tend to strive for things that are either just out of their reach or for things that come too easily.

When a goal is reached with little effort, it may have been a goal that should have been expanded. Striving is important. It keeps people interested, working, and committed. Striving usually involves physical, emotional and intellectual efforts, and sometimes spiritual effort as well. Too easy can dull the capacity to reason and opine.

Striving for just beyond is generally the better effort. Working towards, moving, struggling. These actions build character and personality. And sometimes strength and resilience.

When a goal is reached, it should be recognized and appreciated. It should not be ignored nor made light of. On the other hand, it should not become one’s existence. As it says in Book #2:

“The moment—it’s here and then it’s gone.  However uplifting and fortifying memories may be, they are in the past and can be used in support of future efforts, but must not be one’s current existence. In other words, future actions should be based on current evaluation of the moment, giving minor notice to past achievements but remembering to continue to grow.”

What’s new in this repost: When a person strives for health, but his or her ability to heal is hampered by emotional or spiritual deficits, physical remedies will only help some of the time. To heal fully, the emotional or spiritual causes must be healed. Energy Guidance Complete is a way to understand the underlying causes. There are other methods as well, however be wary of healers who focus on negativity.

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