A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Cover-Contracts for an exemplary life

Often when we think about making changes in our life we think about personal goals like losing weight or getting organized. Personal goals are thought to bring us the most change.

How about looking at bringing personal change from a different direction–from bringing change through our relationships with others, rather than from change just within ourselves.

Contracts for an Exemplary Life offers ideas for bringing change through Me-with-Others contracts. Here are examples of Me-with-Others contract goals:

  • nourishing friendships
  • criticizing people less
  • treating service people with kindness
  • volunteering at a shelter, food kitchen, or facility for the elderly
  • attending communal events
  • being neighborly
  • developing a community
  • (for those with children) educating children about how to treat other people

By focusing on the relationship with others, personal growth can take place alongside the stated goals. The others focus naturally affects us in positive and nourishing ways.

Contracts for an Exemplary Life contains twelve examples of Me-with-Others contracts. There are also many examples of personal contracts, contracts to affect family relationships, and contracts for improving yourself through your relationship with the environment.

Contracts for an Exemplary Life—Using Contracts to Achieve Your Goals contains help for people who want to bring change. Contracts for an Exemplary Life is available on amazon.com: http://amzn.com/1518880746

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