A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


The willingness to blossom is not built in. It is a conscious decision that each person makes. It doesn’t mean succeeding; it means being open to succeeding. It means having a sense of purpose and making the purpose a priority. It means getting up early to practice, choosing to develop rather than lazing around, filling time with steps towards and not steps away from, investing in the bud that is the potential flower.

The willingness to blossom is a natural human characteristic. When the desire for a goal is allowed to appear, then the awareness of the choice to succeed is sensed. This sensing leads to the conscious decision to try. Trying leads to success and less success, more success with each try. The more success experienced, the more the desire to continue trying. Choosing to blossom applies to large and small successes. Each one a bud on a flower stem.


Picture your attempts at things. Are they bud-less stems or flowering blossoms?

Examine your goals and consider their importance.  Goals that aren’t true to who you are will be hard to want.

Examine your drive to blossom. If it is weak, then perhaps your goals are incorrect for you or your distractions are too time-consuming. If it is strong, keep self-trying-succeeding.

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  1. I agree! I find that a good way to increase that desire to succeed is by visualizing the success I crave. That not only makes me want it more, but provides the inspiration to take the action to make it happen 🙂

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