A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


Six months ago, I was inspired to feel the vitality that exists in my body. This happened at my dance class (a women’s free movement dance class) and I have been dancing that way ever since. I was also inspired to explore vitality in words, which led to the blog post: “The grandest energy with ever-changing possibilities”  https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2013/12/31/the-grandest-energy-with-ever-changing-possibilities/

At the same time, I understood that I would be writing a how-to book about living vitally. This book, Vitality! How to Create a Life That Is Healthy, is out and can be purchased on amazon.com.

As it says in the introductory chapter:

“This book is titled Vitality! because vitality is necessary to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. By living energetically, we are living as designed. People are not meant to be sluggish-crawlers. We are meant to be vibrant creators and observers.

Living energetically does not mean living at a frenetic pace all the time. It means living fully and filling life with moments of full attention and engagement. Being ready to attempt and to strive, being ready to attempt again and strive more.”

Attempting and striving are necessary for normal living. No life is meant to be carefree and worriless. Learning to invest time and effort into every day leads to life lived fully. Invest time into one’s time? Yes, time that passes without being used purposefully is time that is mourned. Perhaps not at that moment, but later in life.

From the chapter “Vitality! The Foods We Eat”:

“…Unless you live in an isolated area where little processed food reaches you, you will probably have trouble removing processed foods from your diet. Also, people might confront you for changing your attachment to processed foods. When confronted, remember to breathe with your entire being and know that you are nourishing your body the way it was meant to be nourished….

… The information about the foods to eat might seem complicated, but it is not once you have examined it thoroughly. The following steps are one way of digesting the information and using it:

  1. Review the food categories and portion guidelines so that the divisions seem clear and the portions are understand-able.

  2. From each category, select the foods you eat. Notice categories where you consume many of the options and categories where you consume few of the options.

  3. In the categories where you consume few of the options, review all the options and think about ways of incorporating more of those items into your meals.

  4. Think about the categories from which you consume more than the suggested portion. Eating this amount does not bring balanced health. Consider how to alter the amounts you eat from those categories.

  5. Besides planning your food, plan your eating experiences. Think about timing, location, table settings, variations according to mealtimes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack), and company (people, music, non-person company such as an interesting book if you are alone, etc.)

 Food is meant to be a pleasure and not a battle. We are meant to eat so that we can live. We are meant to eat nutritious foods so that we can live healthily. We are meant to desire nourishing foods, and so we can, if we reject processed and non-nutritious foods that suppress the desire for proper foods….”

Comments on: "Book #4 is done! Vitality!" (2)

  1. Arlene Even said:

    I just ordered the book. Can’t wait to receive it!

    • Glad to hear it. After having read the other three books, I think you will find many of the exercises and tips relatively easy to implement.

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