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**Living with vitality during coronavirus!!

During this difficult time of the pandemic, it is often hard to muster energy to be productive and optimistic. Many of us have lost focus or are too busy being cautious to live life fully.  Even before the pandemic, there were so many distractions that kept us from living fully and with vitality. 

What does it mean to live with vitality?  V-i-t-a-l-i-t-y! is living life in a rich sense of being. Living life with gusto and with verve. Living life with emotion—feeling the fullness of each moment as it passes into the past.

How can we live with vitality while dealing with the suffering and uncertainty of the pandemic? Here are ideas to add vitality to your daily life:

  • As much as possible, add the elements that raise your spirits. For me, it’s listening to music that makes me want to dance. Without the music, I move more slowly and procrastinate. With the music, my energy flows and pushes me to accomplish tasks and goals.
  • Eat foods that give your body energy and nourishment. Stay away from tempting foods that actually drain your energy and force your body to work harder. (Limit sugary, deep-fried, and over-processed foods.)
  • Connect to the outdoors as much as possible. If your living situation prevents you from walking far from home, take time to stand outside your door and look at the sky. The outdoors will give you energy and vitality.
  • Clean and organize your living space. The act of caring for your surroundings will give you energy if you approach the work as a special project.
  • During difficult times, be sure to breathe deeply and fill your body with oxygen. The oxygen will help your brain function and your immune system gather its forces.

Note: This information has been spiritually received.

The basic tests for maintaining health, Test #7


The post “Monitoring Health” (https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/08/24/monitoring-health/) brings awareness of the seven tests that should be performed in order to evaluate health.

Look at your “I deserve it”s and your excuses and your complaints and your excesses, and consider how they prevent a life lived fully. A life lived fully is thankfulness & gratitude and appreciation & hope and kindness & patience and focus & striving and gusto & vitality.

Here is Test #7.

Test #7: Full engagement in life

This test reveals the fullness of your life—if you are attentive to the possibilities and gifts that are within your grasp.

For this test, there are colors and circumstances that can be used to “color” the possibilities:

*blue    *life     *raspberry     *green     *brown     *purple     *shadow    

Consider which color(s) or circumstance(s) match your attitude. More than one color can be used on a line.

  • my place in the world
  • contemplation about my death
  • body-soul connection
  • my hidden skills
  • my choices that I didn’t make (someone else made them and I went along)

After you have selected the colors/circumstances, think about why you selected them and what they mean.

Living with awareness of your gifts and the possibilities to use them is good for your health!

Post 132-breathe-in unison


Book #4 is done! Vitality!


Six months ago, I was inspired to feel the vitality that exists in my body. This happened at my dance class (a women’s free movement dance class) and I have been dancing that way ever since. I was also inspired to explore vitality in words, which led to the blog post: “The grandest energy with ever-changing possibilities”  https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2013/12/31/the-grandest-energy-with-ever-changing-possibilities/

At the same time, I understood that I would be writing a how-to book about living vitally. This book, Vitality! How to Create a Life That Is Healthy, is out and can be purchased on amazon.com.

As it says in the introductory chapter:

“This book is titled Vitality! because vitality is necessary to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. By living energetically, we are living as designed. People are not meant to be sluggish-crawlers. We are meant to be vibrant creators and observers.

Living energetically does not mean living at a frenetic pace all the time. It means living fully and filling life with moments of full attention and engagement. Being ready to attempt and to strive, being ready to attempt again and strive more.”

Attempting and striving are necessary for normal living. No life is meant to be carefree and worriless. Learning to invest time and effort into every day leads to life lived fully. Invest time into one’s time? Yes, time that passes without being used purposefully is time that is mourned. Perhaps not at that moment, but later in life.

From the chapter “Vitality! The Foods We Eat”:

“…Unless you live in an isolated area where little processed food reaches you, you will probably have trouble removing processed foods from your diet. Also, people might confront you for changing your attachment to processed foods. When confronted, remember to breathe with your entire being and know that you are nourishing your body the way it was meant to be nourished….

… The information about the foods to eat might seem complicated, but it is not once you have examined it thoroughly. The following steps are one way of digesting the information and using it:

  1. Review the food categories and portion guidelines so that the divisions seem clear and the portions are understand-able.

  2. From each category, select the foods you eat. Notice categories where you consume many of the options and categories where you consume few of the options.

  3. In the categories where you consume few of the options, review all the options and think about ways of incorporating more of those items into your meals.

  4. Think about the categories from which you consume more than the suggested portion. Eating this amount does not bring balanced health. Consider how to alter the amounts you eat from those categories.

  5. Besides planning your food, plan your eating experiences. Think about timing, location, table settings, variations according to mealtimes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack), and company (people, music, non-person company such as an interesting book if you are alone, etc.)

 Food is meant to be a pleasure and not a battle. We are meant to eat so that we can live. We are meant to eat nutritious foods so that we can live healthily. We are meant to desire nourishing foods, and so we can, if we reject processed and non-nutritious foods that suppress the desire for proper foods….”

Clarification about the previous post: Unreleased energy leads to laziness

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A friend of mine read the previous post and took issue with how judgmental the tone was about people who are “lazy”.

My friend is one of the least lazy people I know, but sometimes she doesn’t have the energy to train for a 10k run that she thinks she should do. The reasons she doesn’t have the energy to train are far from laziness. She doesn’t train for three reasons: 1) Her life is so full with work, family, volunteering in her community, and volunteering outside her immediate community that she isn’t as focused on the run as she would like to be. 2) Her expectations of herself are too unrealistic. 3) She has more compassion for others than she does for herself.

The last post wasn’t about laziness; it was about unreleased energy. Laziness is a byproduct of unreleased energy. People need to release energy. Not releasing energy leads to many negative and unbalancing effects: physical pains, emotional turmoil, depression, turning inward, turning away from others, frustration, laziness, and self-dislike. Taking breaks from work and physical activity is normal rejuvenative activity. It is not laziness.

Releasing energy is an important way for achieving balance of body, mind, and spirit. Releasing energy is good for each individual and is good for society.

Releasing energy through physical, intellectual, and social pursuits is nourishing, balancing, and necessary.


Book #5 is almost done

Yesterday I posted that book #3 has been published. Now I’m letting you know that I’ve finished the first draft of book #5. What happened to book #4? Well,  I’ve written about 1/5 of it, but the material is difficult for me to understand from Spiritual Presence.

The way I write is that I ask what I’m supposed to write, and I receive Yes and No answers—through kinesiology muscle testing. I in essence am taking dictation, but I have to first ask what the words are. And I have to have an idea of what to ask. When I first started writing the healing handbooks, this process was not easy, but I’ve become used to it and can often flow with the words once I understand the topic. Book #4, titled Signals that Inspire and Intertwine—the Fifth Component of Health, is writing about something I know nothing about so my questions are not easy to formulate.

Post 99-Book5

I’ve jumped ahead to Book #5, which is a how-to book. Books #1-3 set out the wisdom of Energy Guidance Complete and Book #5 provides guidance and steps on how to live the wisdom. It’s title is Vitality!— How to Create a Life That is Healthy.

Here’s a peek:

From the chapter about the four components of health:

Breathing Into All Four Components

When you breathe, you do so much more than fill the lungs with oxygen. You fill the body and soul with life-giving force. Each day when you awaken, breathe deeply and remind yourself that your breathing adds oxygen to your lungs, adds hope to your emotional being, ignites your thinking abilities, and connects you to spiritual possibility.

From the chapter about nature’s creatures:

Things to Do to Relate to Creatures


  • Visit humane zoos and petting zoos, and give them your monetary support.

  • If you have a pet at home, spend extra time observing your pet’s antics and behavior. Let yourself fall in love with your pet (if you haven’t already).

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter.

  • Research foundations that work with animals and donate money—and time when possible—to help them.

Things Not to Do to Creatures

  • If you “love” fur items, resist the temptation to buy them. The only people who should be wearing fur outerwear are people who live in extremely cold climates. Do not support fur as a fashion statement.

  • If you “love” animal skin items, resist the temptation to buy them. There are no people in the world who should be wearing them or decorating their houses or businesses with them.

  • If you “love” reptile skin items, resist the temptation to buy them. There are no people in the world who should be using them. Do not support reptile skins as a fashion statement.

  • If you “love” to hunt, only hunt animals for food, not for their decorative parts.

  • Eat less meat. See “Vitality! The Foods We Eat” on p. 12 for information about the amount of meat that should be eaten.

  • Resist eating meat and fish from endangered or nearing-endangered birds, animals, and fish. Take the time to learn the types of birds, animals, and fish that are endangered.

  • Don’t ignore the plight of endangered animals, animals and birds raised in industrial meat/milk/egg factories, mis-treated pets, and so on.


Vitality revisited


The feeling of life in one’s body is an extraordinary feeling. Noticing the feeling of being alive, of being awake, of being vital. Amazing! Yet taken for granted and not appreciated. Too many people focus on pain or discomfort or hurt feelings. Those things exist, but they are minor in comparison to the body’s vitality!

Vitality! This word should always be written in color and in bold—and with an exclamation point! So that people will read it with energy and with desire. Desire to feel the strength of the word deep within the core of one’s being.

V-i-t-a-l-i-t-y! Feel its pull and its launch. Living life in a rich sense of being. Living life with gusto and with verve. Living life with emotion—feeling the fullness of each moment as it passes into the past.

When the blues hit or the bones creak, they take the focus and move miraculous existence to second best. Keep in mind that emotional ebbs and physical challenges are just parts of living—but they are not the main elements. They steal attention from the important aspects of life, and people must be vigilant to not become too immersed in the difficult and unhappy moments.  Health is so multi-faceted that its wonder is often overlooked. Appreciating the wonder of health is imperative to living with vitality!

The grandest energy with ever-changing possibilities


Vitality! This word should always be written in color and in bold—and with an exclamation point! So that people will read it with energy and with desire. Desire to feel the strength of the word deep within the core of one’s being.

V-i-t-a-l-i-t-y! Feel its pull and its launch. Living life in a rich sense of being. Living life with gusto and with verve. Living life with emotion—feeling the fullness of each moment as it passes into the past.

Vitality! Not agreeing to smallness or boredom or apathy. Embracing the largeness of life, its excitement and its joy (or sorrow). Embracing and feeling the blood flowing in the body and the breath in the lungs.

Vitality! Allowing ourselves to release into the amazement of ourselves!

“Your health is what you make of it. Everything you do and think either adds to the vitality, energy and spirit you possess or takes away from it.”
― Ann WigmoreThe Hippocrates Diet and Health Program

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