A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Yesterday I posted that book #3 has been published. Now I’m letting you know that I’ve finished the first draft of book #5. What happened to book #4? Well,  I’ve written about 1/5 of it, but the material is difficult for me to understand from Spiritual Presence.

The way I write is that I ask what I’m supposed to write, and I receive Yes and No answers—through kinesiology muscle testing. I in essence am taking dictation, but I have to first ask what the words are. And I have to have an idea of what to ask. When I first started writing the healing handbooks, this process was not easy, but I’ve become used to it and can often flow with the words once I understand the topic. Book #4, titled Signals that Inspire and Intertwine—the Fifth Component of Health, is writing about something I know nothing about so my questions are not easy to formulate.

Post 99-Book5

I’ve jumped ahead to Book #5, which is a how-to book. Books #1-3 set out the wisdom of Energy Guidance Complete and Book #5 provides guidance and steps on how to live the wisdom. It’s title is Vitality!— How to Create a Life That is Healthy.

Here’s a peek:

From the chapter about the four components of health:

Breathing Into All Four Components

When you breathe, you do so much more than fill the lungs with oxygen. You fill the body and soul with life-giving force. Each day when you awaken, breathe deeply and remind yourself that your breathing adds oxygen to your lungs, adds hope to your emotional being, ignites your thinking abilities, and connects you to spiritual possibility.

From the chapter about nature’s creatures:

Things to Do to Relate to Creatures


  • Visit humane zoos and petting zoos, and give them your monetary support.

  • If you have a pet at home, spend extra time observing your pet’s antics and behavior. Let yourself fall in love with your pet (if you haven’t already).

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter.

  • Research foundations that work with animals and donate money—and time when possible—to help them.

Things Not to Do to Creatures

  • If you “love” fur items, resist the temptation to buy them. The only people who should be wearing fur outerwear are people who live in extremely cold climates. Do not support fur as a fashion statement.

  • If you “love” animal skin items, resist the temptation to buy them. There are no people in the world who should be wearing them or decorating their houses or businesses with them.

  • If you “love” reptile skin items, resist the temptation to buy them. There are no people in the world who should be using them. Do not support reptile skins as a fashion statement.

  • If you “love” to hunt, only hunt animals for food, not for their decorative parts.

  • Eat less meat. See “Vitality! The Foods We Eat” on p. 12 for information about the amount of meat that should be eaten.

  • Resist eating meat and fish from endangered or nearing-endangered birds, animals, and fish. Take the time to learn the types of birds, animals, and fish that are endangered.

  • Don’t ignore the plight of endangered animals, animals and birds raised in industrial meat/milk/egg factories, mis-treated pets, and so on.


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