A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


The feeling of life in one’s body is an extraordinary feeling. Noticing the feeling of being alive, of being awake, of being vital. Amazing! Yet taken for granted and not appreciated. Too many people focus on pain or discomfort or hurt feelings. Those things exist, but they are minor in comparison to the body’s vitality!

Vitality! This word should always be written in color and in bold—and with an exclamation point! So that people will read it with energy and with desire. Desire to feel the strength of the word deep within the core of one’s being.

V-i-t-a-l-i-t-y! Feel its pull and its launch. Living life in a rich sense of being. Living life with gusto and with verve. Living life with emotion—feeling the fullness of each moment as it passes into the past.

When the blues hit or the bones creak, they take the focus and move miraculous existence to second best. Keep in mind that emotional ebbs and physical challenges are just parts of living—but they are not the main elements. They steal attention from the important aspects of life, and people must be vigilant to not become too immersed in the difficult and unhappy moments.  Health is so multi-faceted that its wonder is often overlooked. Appreciating the wonder of health is imperative to living with vitality!

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