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Post 23-concentration

In honor of my new writing venue,  Healing.Answers.com, I am sharing an excerpt from the article “The Importance of Delight”.

“Why is it important to delight in delight?

The more we let ourselves be moved by the joyous moments in life, the more balanced we are. Our bodies and souls require HAPPY for proper functioning. Even when life is difficult and challenging, finding delight in simple pleasures can affect the way in which we handle the challenges and low tides. Finding moments of un-joylessness, un-annoyance, and un-restlessness lead to balance and to meaningful existence.

“The Importance of Delight” is not only the title of this article, it is also a directive from Spiritual Presence about our lives. Life is not meant to be easy, but it is meant to be interesting. The more we find pleasure in the world, the more we can contribute and receive.”

from http://healing.answers.com/emotional-health/the-importance-of-delight

Comments on: "I am delighted to tell you that I now write for Healing.Answers.com" (2)

  1. Nancy said:

    congrats renee! great work you are doing! love reading your blogs!!
    love ya!

  2. Thanks Nancy. I’m happy that my blog speaks to you.

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