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When people ask me what I do, I hem and haw and devise an answer that I think will be acceptable for each particular person. My answers range from “Oh…well…I help people with various issues” to “I channel”. None of my answers describe what I really do. Sometimes people look at me askance and sometimes they are interested. Most times they respond with a lukewarm reply and then the conversation moves on.

I need help with the answer.

I’m turning to the people who have been reading my blog. Some of you have been reading for awhile, and I think you may have an understanding. Some of you have worked with me in private EGC sessions. And some of you are friends and family, who I have tried to explain about EGC with demonstrations and stories.

Here’s what I do:

I am a conduit for healing and balance. I receive information about people that can help them achieve connection. This connection can be to healing, to decisive actions, to personal truths, and to correction of learned behavior. When I work with people individually, they can achieve specific goals because the information I receive is their specific path to balance. When I write, the information applies to all.

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The information I receive is not intuition, nor is it anything I learned; although, I have learned a good amount about nutrition and healing through natural methods. The knowledge I have helps me formulate the questions, but everything I tell people to do I check and only then give the information.

Regarding private sessions: there are too many aspects about a person for me to be able to know what they need. I ask each person very little and that is all I need to formulate questions for them.

Regarding the books and this blog: I feel direction (I’m not sure how), and then I formulate questions to receive the words.

The information comes from Spiritual Presence directly to me through the questioning process. I ask questions, receive answers, and then pass the information to the people who need it. In the books and in the blog, I receive each word. In private sessions, I receive messages to deliver and instructions for helping a person live—live more healthily, purposefully, and/or preparedly.

My connection is directly with Spiritual Presence, not with intermediaries. I have this connection because my soul definition was formed so that the spiritual connection is strong and direct. I had hints of this connection when I was younger, but ignored and denied it for many years. I opened to the connection two years ago, and have been helping people heal since then.

There are other people who help others in similar ways as me. Some are well known and some, like me, work without people understanding the significance of their work. I am pushed to share my connection, and so I am writing to all of you to explain the importance of Energy Guidance Complete and the importance of wisdom that comes through me.

How can I describe what I do in a sentence of two to a person who is not yet open to or aware of spiritual connection?

Wishing you vitality,


Comments on: "A needed response. Help, please." (1)

  1. Arlene Even said:

    You provide a guide to happiness and spiritual enlightenment through the proper balancing of the individual’s physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

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