A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


Energy Guidance Complete is communication with people and with divine energy. Sometimes the communication is bidirectional—when work is done through private EGC sessions. Most times, the communication is unidirectional—only from divine energy—and the information is delivered through the blog posts and the books.

Some people have complained that the blog contains too many shoulds: “people should…”, “you should…”, “efforts should be made…”, etc. That is a true assessment of the blog. It does contain many shoulds because we all should be doing many things that we aren’t doing.

Here are quotes from the first book in the EGC book series that explain why we have responsibilities for our world and ourselves:

The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort is presented to help the reader understand the expectations that come with the gift of life during this current time period. People who live during this time of plenty must appreciate what they have been given. They must accept the responsibilities that come with the comforts of modern life. No gift is free. No gift is without a gift in return. Our super-speedy, super-sophisticated society requires dedicated and persistent effort to ensure that the world does not give way under the weight of uncontrolled desires. Intuitively, we must live as if we understand that our lives are gifts to the world, that we are here to link ourselves with the rhythms of the world, that we are caregivers of others and of the creatures and natural elements of the world, that our presence brings betterment to the world, and that each step we take resonates with the knowledge of our responsibilities. Our goal is to know our way and to know ourselves.”

“People must live within the boundaries of Earthly living,…”

“People tend to believe they are superior to the other creatures on the Earth. This belief is false.”

“Nurturing ourselves is vital to our being. Finding ways to bring joy, love, movement, challenge, acceptance, patience, warmth, and balance should be pursued.”

Many people want to ignore their part in bringing about:

  • Pain to other creatures (through industrial meat/milk/egg farming that is cruel; through killing of animals for decorative items; through overfishing and overharvesting; through laboratory testing, etc.)
  • Destruction to environmental balance (overuse of disposable items; irresponsible use of transportation vehicles, building materials, and toxic materials; overly selective use of food resources and products for “enhancing” our bodies, etc.)
  • Inadequate communication among people (reliance on drugs rather than making changes; proliferating the use of smartphones among children; relying on electronic communication rather than face-to-face communication; closing off from others; not inviting others to visit or to help; etc.)
  • (Mistreatment of other people is not being addressed here although it is a large issue.)

Each and every person can make changes that impact the issues listed above. No one is above caring for the Earth and its creatures and vegetation—no matter how busy they are, no matter how much wealth or power they have.

Should we feel personally responsible? Yes. Should we make changes? Yes.

If you feel put-off by all the shoulds in this blog, that is because you have been convinced by others that should is a negative word. It is not a negative word, so let that idea go. It is a word that expresses instruction and direction towards purposeful living, when it is used correctly. When divine energy instructs us to be mindful of our uncaring ways, we must pause and consider the message, and then find the path towards caring existence.

What is the purpose of this blog? An opportunity to receive knowledge that can then be used to create balanced, purposeful, and satisfying lives!

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