A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

(taken from my article “The Pursuit of Beauty: Things to Beautify” on HealingAnswers.com)


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 “Beauty for people is an overpowering stimulant. Whether the beauty comes from natural sources or from people’s hands, no matter, the effects on one’s senses is intoxicating. The drive to build useable objects such as highways, buildings, and smaller, practical objects is partnered with the desire to build them aesthetically. When objects are built for usability only, they are valued less than when built for admiration. Sometimes the pursuit of beauty is placed on the wrong objects. For example, trying to change the natural aging of the body in order to pursue an unnatural expectation is foolish. One’s efforts should be placed on beautifying one’s surroundings.”

–          from the chapter “Personal Endeavors” in “The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort”.

This blog post lists the effort-worthy things that should occupy people’s drive for beauty.


People live in more than a home; they live in a community. Some people think they have responsibility only for the actual place in which they live. That is not true. They have responsibility for the appearance of the area in which they live.

This fact even applies to temporary dwellers.  Temporary dwellers are in a state of flux geographically, but their need for beauty does not change. As a matter of fact, they might need it more because of the transient nature of their current situation.

People should do whatever they can to beautify their community, be it through planting trees, flowers and plants, contributing to community efforts to maintain the community, cleaning as needed (picking up trash, cleaning up after one’s pet, and moving obstructions), and taking interest in the happenings of the community that affect its appearance.


Connecting with nature is vitally necessary for people’s health. Taking the time to beautify a garden or a windowsill or a path at one’s home is important. Important for a person’s sense of aesthetics, important for a person’s connection to nature.

Post 97-flower arrangements3



Taking the time to beautify one’s home is time elevated. People require beauty around them, and their home is the main surrounding environment. Beautifying one’s home includes spending time understanding the furnishings and decorative items that make the person happy, not just buying what is in fashion. Even temporary dwellers should make efforts to beautify their temporary dwelling.

One’s countenance

Countenance means the expression on one’s face, but it also means the presence a person emits as they go through life. A smile on the face that is sincere is beautiful. Wearing clothes that make the wearer feel a smile inside their body is beautiful.

Feeling a sense of importance is beautiful—not that the person is an ambassador or a well-paid executive—no! The sense of importance comes from knowing that one’s being is important—the importance that is naturally infused in people when they are born and stays if they are not damaged too much by circumstances or people. Knowing that the life inside is worthy of viewing as beautiful.

Maintaining a beautiful countenance requires caring properly for the body, participating in activities that bring uplifting feelings, and awareness of one’s abilities and accomplishments.

Atmosphere in one’s home, one’s place of work, and one’s selected activities

Having beautiful objects in one’s home is not enough. If there is anger or hurt in the air, the beautiful objects are tarnished. People’s feelings are more important than the inanimate objects.

Efforts should be made to beautify a workplace. The most important way to beautify a workplace is by bringing in plants and planted flowers. Inanimate plants and flowers don’t count. People should take the time to care for plants in their workplace because the plants give more than people realize. The atmosphere at the workplace should also be kept beautiful: building confidence rather than being hurtful, lending a hand rather than brushing off, speaking kindly rather than attacking, and so on.

The atmosphere at activities can also be beautified when people work together, encourage each other, and smile at one another.


Beauty is found everywhere and in tangible and intangible things. To live beauty is to live with openness, kindness, and curiosity. To be beautiful is to live in acceptance and awe of oneself and one’s life.

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