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Blog 66-Compassion

Potential is a motivator and an obstruction. Potential gives opportunity to create, affect, and accomplish when the potential is realized. Realizing potential is possible for all through self-discovery, self-motivation, and self-discipline. Each of these personally executed processes (self-discovery, self-motivation, and self-discipline) is necessary for fulfilling one’s talents, although distractions and excuses halt success.

Distractions and excuses are self-inflicted even when they appear to come from external sources. The main reason for allowing distractions and excuses to hinder is being overwhelmed by potential (the obstruction). All people have potential to reach goals. Large goals. Satisfying goals. This ability to achieve can frighten when the potential seems overwhelmingly high—like staring up a mountain that is very steep with no footholds to support.

Potential is instilled with the soul, and it differs from person to person. People who are born with mental handicaps have potential that is resized for their abilities. People who are born with moderate physical handicaps have the same potential had they been born without the handicaps.

Reaching potential requires awareness. Awareness of talents and awareness of interests. Sometimes the awareness is not available because society and early childhood caregivers quashed the early-on expressions of individual talent (sometimes done intentionally and sometimes done caringly [meaning that a caregiver meant well]). Sometimes the awareness is not available because of personal causes: letting distractions distract, letting others choose, letting time slip by, or being envious. Awareness is just the first step though.

Whether or not a person reaches potential, life can still be meaningful and satisfying. By taking the time to feel what is fascinating and what is self-fulfilling, a person can create a path that has personality.

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