A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Light and Fluffy


Cute messages, catchy phrases, light lessons. These delivery methods propel information.

Deeper, meaningful texts require time and intellectual investment.

The information presented in my blog—not light, not fluffy. Sometimes cute, but sometimes stern. Catchy word play occasionally.

The information presented in my blog—spiritually inspired, spiritually connecting. The wording is not my own nor are the ideas expressed my ideas. I am the formatter and the decipherer of the information. The weight of the words is much greater because the words come through me, but not from me.

Here is a reminder from Spiritual Presence:

“People fill their limited time with unimportant and un-elevating wispy-fluff. They don’t realize the effects of empty and valueless time wasters. They think their choices have value, interesting dimensions, and resulting effects. Most often their choices have deficiency, narrow borders, and insignificant effects.

Wispy-fluff. Vanity of vanities. Empty undertakings.

Truly there are ways to live, ways to choose, ways to show love, ways to show affection, ways to transmit rules and requirements, and ways to interact with the environment. One simply has to decide to live in a sustaining and non-damaging manner. The choice is available to all.”

–    from Pond a Connected Existence

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  1. carol goldgeier said:

    all true, thank you

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