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Clutter-in the head

The last post was about clutter in one’s abode. Today, the clutter is inside one’s head. Cluttered thoughts about weight or appearance or something negative that someone said or something negative that I said or something I should have done better or something someone else should have done differently or …

The clutter in one’s head is more difficult to handle than the clutter in one’s abode. Years of societal criticism (including from one’s parents and friends) clutter the mind and take over space that should be used for creative thought and supportive thinking.

To unclutter the mind, the first step is to take a step—physically! Stand up, say “I am going to clean the clutter in my head”, and then take a step forward. Now, take another step forward, say “I am the person I am because of others, but also because of myself”, and then shake your whole body—head to feet—shake up everything. Next, take five deep breaths and then say “I can release the junk that is old and unhelpful.”  Finally, think about a tree that grows near where you live and resolve that every time you pass this tree, you will throw off some unnecessary thought that belittles you. When you get to the tree, take a deep breath, let the thought move out from the top of your head to one of the higher branches, and then move on.

Cluttered thinking can be tidied. Each time you release a cluttered thought, allow yourself to consider a positive aspect of yourself. Let this positive aspect take your concentration and really focus on it. Be sure to smile while you do this.

Balance comes from balanced thinking and balanced living. The more one’s thoughts are supportive, the more one’s life can be balanced.

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  1. That’s a good one, Renee.

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