A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Post 13-screen beans supportingWhen a person is with others, but is focused on himself or herself, this person is experiencing aloneness. Aloneness does not require being alone. Aloneness requires an attitude of separateness. Feeling separate from others and even from people who are close. Feeling separate from one’s own requirement for companionship. Feeling that others cannot understand nor be part of one’s thinking processes. Aloneness is very much a natural part of human existence. Nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to be extolled.

In actuality, we are never alone. From the moment we are born, we are accompanied. Accompanied by the ones in our families who came before us. The souls of our deceased relatives join our daily struggles so that we are never without support. We cannot hear them nor contact them, but they are with us and they subtly affect our thinking and our actions. 

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