A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

I have been asked to share Energy Guidance Complete’s view about leadership and leaders. I will be sharing quotes from two of the EGC books. These quotes relate to people living in open societies.

From The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort:

“In order to develop and maintain a healthy society, individual members must strive for balance. They must hold themselves accountable and must hold their society accountable. They must not expect more from their leaders than they do from themselves. THEY MUST NOT EXPECT MORE FROM THEIR LEADERS THAN THEY DO FROM THEMSELVES. Leaders are simply a reflection of the society they lead, no better, no worse. However, leaders must strive to balance themselves, especially when they are tempted by the benefits that come from being leaders.”

From Book #2:

“Obligation to one’s community is much larger than many people think. Taking part in elections, taking part in cleaning up, taking part in communal rituals—these are the basic obligations on all. Beyond those acts, one should participate in bettering the community.
The more people balance their lives with interconnectedness, the more significant and meaningful their lives become. A caveat—connecting to non-sustaining activities does not bring the same results. The connections that result from a life lived intertwined and obligated raise, heighten, and compensate. Why is that? Because the more people do for others, receive from others, give and take back and forth, the closer they are living to their balanced selves. Doing for others prevents people from becoming too self focused. Receiving from others prevents people from sinking too low if they are in a position of struggle or illness or burdensomeness. Interconnectedness helps us remain in a state of preparedness—prepared to give and prepared to receive. Sometimes more of this one; sometimes more of that one…

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… The more positive one’s attitude, the more that can be accomplished. The more one is connected to others, the more one can ask for help. The more organized one’s living conditions, the less time wasted. The more undistracted and unselfish, the greater that can be done.”

Leaders are people who “…pursue public roles when they are motivated by internal desire and strength, communal support, admired role models, peer pressure, or acquisition of power.” from The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort. Leaders take on leadership roles for many reasons, and each leader is an individual with individual motivation and individual goals. Leaders should not be lumped into a group nor should they be raised above or lowered below other people.

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The people who choose to dedicate their lives to public service are placing themselves in positions of power and ridicule, privilege and expectation of purer behavior. Societal members must remember that these leaders must not be worshipped nor should they be expected to live more simply than others in their society. Each leader must be evaluated on his or her own merits and must live according to societal rules and mores. And each member of society should see himself or herself as a leader who can contribute and influence and bring forth balance in the world.

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