A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

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Healing is a tricky two-sided intangible structure. Tricky: easy to reach, easy to lose, easy to feel complacent about, easy to constantly run after never quite reaching. Two-sided: have it-don’t have it, have it-don’t have it, have it-don’t have it, have it-don’t have it. Actually, always have it—just don’t realize. Intangible: fully effervescent. Structure: healing is a very structured and intricate feature in the design of all living things.

Healing is not available to those who use illness to attain a goal. Many use illness to keep from participating in life. Look at the people you know who are ill and consider the last sentence. It does not apply to all, but to many.

Healing is a spiritual path, not a physical prescription. When ill, one should take the necessary precautions and mending steps. Mending steps include sleep, hydration, nutrient intake, and positive focus. Staying away from over-excitement or over-exertion or over-indulgence (not meaning overindulgence of food, rather overindulgence of self-pity or self-over-focus [I’m-too-unwell-to-deal-with-life-and-think-of-others]). Staying away from others when contagious. Staying away from temptations. Staying away from activity.

Healing can be quick or languishing depending on age, attitude, previous physical condition, and determination, and of course, on the healing issue. Feeling determined to be well is very important. Any trace of benefit from the illness or condition can slow the healing process. Even a well meant show of sympathy can slow the healing. Best to heal with as little sympathy as possible. Attitude influences on all levels-physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. A happy attitude greatly enhances healing.

The healing process is constantly occurring. It occurs until the body gives out or gives way. 

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