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Positive and negative positives-negatives

Post 7-bracelet

22 stones. One for each combination of positive-negative voices in our heads. Sort of like the good angel-bad angel depiction of our consciences. Sort of like how we feel when we are deciding between a sustaining activity that is a time investment and a non-sustaining activity that is a time distraction.

The list below is a partial list of positives-negatives.  Please feel free to add more.

1 good-bad
2 elevate-stay/descend
3 try-hold back
4 consider-discount
5 open-territorial
6 caring-disdain
7 charitable-judgmental
8 respect-disregard
9 prepare-neglect/ignore
10 retain-spread
11 me-others
12 others-me
13 accept-reject
14 act-accept
15 speak up-hold back
16 contribute-withhold
17 develop-abandon
18 patience-impatience
19 defend-withdraw
20 aid-hurt
21 support-sabotage
22 humility-vanity

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