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Plastic bottles, plastic bags—obvious things made from plastic. Remote controls, the grips of many cooking pans, polyester clothing— less obvious things made from plastic. Plastic is an integral part of our lives.

Puzzling how we so easily bring plastic into our lives and let the nature go.

What if we were to make nature as integral a part of our lives as we make plastic. What would we add to our homes? Plants, flowers—obvious natural objects. Also baskets of fruit (to be admired and then eaten), cloth dyed with natural colors, useful and decorative items made from wood or stone.

Comments on: "A puzzle of plastic" (2)

  1. Arlene Even said:

    Thanks, Renee. I never thought about it. I’m going to pay more attention to bringing more nature into our home. I especially love the basket of fruit idea!

  2. I looked around my house to see how much nature exists inside the house and found that several rooms have a fair amount of natural objects in them, but some rooms do not. I’m going to focus on adding baskets made from natural materials. I know of a community-improvement project in my area in which the women from an economically depressed area make traditional baskets. I’m going to force myself to pay more than cheap plastic baskets would cost and buy the “real” baskets.

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