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Unreleased energy leads to laziness

Post 109-unreleased energy For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that Spiritual Presence has been pushing us all to spend more time in nature. Being in nature connects us to elements in life that balance and elevate us at the spiritual level. Being in nature stimulates our intellect, restores our emotional well-being, and strengthens our physical and concentration abilities. Being in nature also provides an opportunity to breathe more deeply, breathe less restrictively (letting go of restraining emotions like the need to control our life), and breathe with wonder. Spiritual Presence has also been pushing us to be more physically active –sounds like the advice that most good doctors give. People are meant to move A LOT, and not releasing our energetic and frenetic selves leads to all sorts of problems. One of which is laziness. Laziness is much more negative than it seems. A definition of laziness is “inactivity resulting from a dislike of work” (from TheFreeDictionary). People are meant to work so disliking it is very unbalancing.  Another definition is “apathy and inactivity”. These very negative states cause imbalance to the emotional and spiritual components of health and weakening of the physical component of health. Laziness is different from resting after a substantial output of energy. Taking breaks from work and physical activity is normal rejuvenative activity. Laziness simply wastes gifted talents and possible achievements. Releasing energy through physical, intellectual, and social pursuits is nourishing, balancing, and necessary. Energize!

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