A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Post 12 Screen beans mom and kids

I’m feeling less than. I caught a virus so I’ve had to slow down to let my body rev up.

This post is about illness and I’m very curious to learn what Spiritual Presence has to teach me.

Illness, and its cousin depression, occur when we allow ourselves to deteriorate. Deterioration in sleep, healthy food intake, or other important ingredient in each person’s life. In other words, each person has a point of deterioration at which good health is not viable. Some people can manage with too little sleep, but will then fall ill if they don’t have enough social interaction.

Illness is simply a call to pause. Pause to examine previous lifestyle or changes in lifestyle. Illness is not a reason to solicit sympathy. Everyone gets sick at some point, therefore there is no need to overdo the sympathy or the misery. You’re sick? OK, take care of yourself and try not to share your virus/bacteria/fungus. Put on a happy face, because most likely you will be well within a few days. (not discussing serious illness in this post)

Feeling less than causes us to remember our mortality. Feeling less than should cause us to appreciate our just-fine days.

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