A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

painA rumble in the tummy? Body talk for hunger, fright, or contentment.

Pain in the lower abdomen? Body talk for “you ate something that wasn’t good for you”,  “you did a movement that you weren’t ready for”, or “you contracted a stomach bug—get to the toilet!” (among other possibilities).

Lightness in the head? Body talk for lack of sleep, lack of water, lack of nourishing food.

Pain the toes? Body talk for “your shoes don’t fit”, “there’s a splinter” or “you have an inflammation in your nose (or mouth or somewhere other than your toes)”.

A pain in one part of the body is often related to that part of the body, but not always.  If the pain in the toes is caused by an inflammation somewhere else in the body, no amount of focus on the toes is going to help until the inflammation is handled. The body is a complete entity, and what happens in one part can have an effect on many other parts.

Whether the cause of pain or irritation is a physical cause or an emotional cause, the body will speak to you.  If you listen and work out the cause, your body will reward you with well-being and reliability. If you ignore the whispers and the shouts, your body may lose its ability to communicate which can lead to many ill effects.

The next time your body calls, aim to listen carefully. You will be grateful in the future.

More about body talk: Body talk and the meaning, part 2

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