A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


The following list was presented in two earlier blog posts. I am presenting it again because it is really important. Please look at each contributor to poor health and consider it. Each one won’t apply to you, but it may apply to someone you love.

Notice that sleep deprivation is the second major contributor of poor health. This one is really not that hard to fix. Notice the third contributor. Letting the body heal itself when possible can lessen the grasp of this contributor. Notice number five. then get up and dance around or walk in place.

Each contributor can be lessened.


In modern societies, there are 40 reasons that a person becomes deceased too early or suffers too much. Here are the reasons in the order in which they contribute (accidents and disasters are not included):

  1. Overconsumption of alcoholic beverages
  2.  Sleep deprivation
  3.  Misuse of legal drugs
  4.  Depression
  5.  Insufficient regular movement of the body
  6.  Overuse of cigarettes
  7.  Insufficient protection from the elements (cold, heat, etc.)
  8.  Chronic insufficient consumption of water
  9.  Overconsumption of food
  10.  Insufficient exposure to the environment (nature)
  11.  Worry, fear, and anguish
  12.  Suppression of negative emotions (worry, fear, and anguish)
  13.  Hurt feelings
  14.  Blood pressure pressures
  15.  Isolation
  16.  Genetics
  17.  Misjudgment of self-boundaries (When relating to other people, not understanding how to bond. When relating to tangible items, not understanding limits and excess.)
  18.  Insufficient intake of vitamin-rich foods
  19.  Memory loss
  20.  Insufficient intake of mineral-rich foods
  21.  Digestive disturbances
  22.  Elimination issues, such as constipation
  23.  Too much dependence on approval from others
  24.  Inadvertent consumption of foods that cause allergic reactions
  25.  Overexposure to toxins
  26.  Sense of unworthiness
  27.  Misuse of illegal drugs
  28.  Purposelessness
  29.  Sadness
  30.  Misjudgments in sexual relations
  31.  Lack of trust in one’s intuition
  32.  Chronic under-usage of the thinking capabilities
  33.  Overemphasis on physicality
  34.  Anger
  35.  Jealousy
  36.  Eating too little
  37.  Indifference
  38.  Overusing the body physically
  39.  Feelings of devaluing others
  40.  Choice inundation

 You may have noticed that shallow breathing and other breathing issues are not on the list. Improper breathing results from many of these issues so that breathing, or rather, incorrect breathing, is often part of the causes.

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