A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


Expiration date

Recently, a person died who I didn’t personally know, but many people I know knew him. He was only 48-years-old and he died of a heart attack. This event has prompted me to revisit the post “The forty contributors to ill health and to possible…” https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/06/05/the-forty-contributors-to-ill-health-and-to-possible/

Sleep deprivation is number 2 on the list. Number 2! Sleeping too little is fatal! Sleeping too little clouds judgment, exaggerates emotional reactions, and causes accidents. Sleeping too little deprives the body of the time it needs to rejuvenate and repair. Sleeping too little, when combined with other factors, negates healthy aspects of living (proper diet and exercise). Sleep deprivation needn’t be, because each person can know his or her sleep needs by paying attention to the body.

Insufficient regular movement of the body is number 5 on the list. Number 5! A bit of exercise here and there is not enough. Our bodies were designed to move—often.

Chronic insufficient consumption of water is number 8 on the list. Lack of regular hydration taxes the body and increases illness possibility.

Suppression of negative emotions (worry, fear, and anguish) is number 12 on the list. Having any of these negative emotions is number 11 on the list, but suppressing these emotions is almost as bad. Feeling negative emotions is normal, but when they are constant companions they tax the body and increase illness possibility.

Feelings of devaluing others: number 39 on the list. Thirty-nine might not seem high, but when combined with other factors, can lead to an expiration date that is too soon. Negative feelings about others boomerang and cause lowered resistance to illness and disease.

Too soon is preventable, but it is more than eating certain foods and not eating “bad” foods. To understand the way to live a long and healthy life, look at the list of 40 and live oppositely to all 40. It is never too soon to change direction!

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