A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Connection to spiritual presence buoys and inspires; engenders feelings of support, protection, and well-being; guides, instructs, and gives meaning to existence.  The spiritual connection enables people to transcend their difficulties, be they physical, emotional, or intellectual.

Post 16-Spiritual Presence

Spiritual support is available to people who want it. The way to bring spiritual support into your life is to imagine having a companion accompanying and sharing life’s path. This sense of sharing and of not being alone can sustain you through difficult life events.

Comments on: "Connections are the means–connection to Spiritual Presence, post 6 of 7" (2)

  1. From Book #2: The more one is attuned to one’s body, desires, path, and purpose, the more that spiritual presence influences and guides.

  2. Hearing and sight are two senses that can impinge on openness to spiritual presence. Closing one’s eyes and focusing inwardly without notice of sounds can promote reaching out to spiritual presence.

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