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All this, and more!

Post 20

Energy Guidance Complete is not just about the writing. It’s about changing my own eating habits and strengthening my body. It’s about understanding the importance of self-care and other-care. It’s about listening to my intuition and understanding its importance. It’s about opening to the reality of spirituality. It’s about opening to the wisdom of beyond. It’s about sharing these discoveries with others.

All this, and more!

Connections are the means–connection to Spiritual Presence, post 6 of 7

Connection to spiritual presence buoys and inspires; engenders feelings of support, protection, and well-being; guides, instructs, and gives meaning to existence.  The spiritual connection enables people to transcend their difficulties, be they physical, emotional, or intellectual.

Post 16-Spiritual Presence

Spiritual support is available to people who want it. The way to bring spiritual support into your life is to imagine having a companion accompanying and sharing life’s path. This sense of sharing and of not being alone can sustain you through difficult life events.

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